How does this process work?

Ordering an album design from Uptown Images is so easy! The first step is to sign up for an account so that we can get set up with billing information, and find out your album design preferences. Then simply fill out an Album Design Order form, and send us your full size image files. When we have completed a design layout we will email you a link to a preview gallery where you can proof the design and request any changes. Once the design is finalized we will send you a DVD with layered .psd or jpeg files of your album pages!

Who can order albums from you?

We only work with professional photographers. If you are a bride looking to have an album designed by us, send our information to your photographer and let them know!

What are your prices?

We price flush mount albums based on page count (we count sides rather than spreads.) and matted albums based on image count. If you are a professional photographer and are interested in getting a copy of our current wholesale price list just fill out the quick and easy pricing request form here.

How should I send my files?

You can either mail us a disc, or use our ftp, it's up to you!

What format should my files be?

Please send highest quality print ready images in a jpeg format with either Adobe RGB or sRGB embedded. Having your images in numerical sequence ensures that they will be placed in the order that you prefer.

Will you send my design to the album company?

Typically we design and then hand the files off to the photographers for printing and binding. Letting our clients look over the full size files before they go to print ensures that nothing gets overlooked.

Will the design have any logo or branding information?

Uptown Images will never put our logo in your album, but if you would like to include your logo or watermark just include a high resolution file and indicate where you would like it placed.

How many images should I send?

We suggest 2.5 images per page side. So a 50 page album should have about 125 images. This is an estimate based on the typical designs that we do. Keep in mind that the fewer images are in a design the bigger they can be displayed on a page. The number of images included is always up to you.

You can either send the exact number of images that you want to have used in the album, or send some extra with your "must have favorites" marked so that we have some creative flexibility.

Feel free to include text files - quotes, vows, wedding date, verses, song lyrics, etc.

Will the albums you design be consistent with my brand?

We strive to ensure that each of our designs is directed by the artistic sensibilities of the photographers that hire us. Our goal is to work like one of your staff, and we will always follow your lead on creative decisions.

How long until I see the first draft of my design?

Typical turnaround time for an album is 5-7 business days. It may be longer during busy times, and we will always communicate with you if that is the case. Revisions are usually done and reposted for review in 2-3 business days.

What if I have a question that isn't covered here?

Easy, just send us an email!

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